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About us

Hi, we are Jessica and Caroline, two qualified nutritionists and accomplished cooks who want to help you understand what good nutrition is all about.

With over 20 years of clinic experience between us we understand what really works in nutrition, the challenges people face and the tools they need to achieve real change.  We are here to guide you with simple, practical solutions to help you achieve your health goals.

Let us be your trusted pair of hands to help you unravel the conflicting information about what we should and shouldn’t do, or can and cannot eat and set you on a simpler path toward better nutrition and better health. We want to cut through all of the fads and support you with practical guidance. A good, recipe alone is not enough, it needs to be supported by simple menu plans, shopping lists and supplier details, and general hints and tips. That way a healthy recipe will actually end up in your diet rather than gathering dust on a shelf (or being un-viewed on a screen).

What we offer

  • A range of meal plans that include shopping lists and ingredients
  • Expertise on the low FODMAP diet for those with IBS – see our ebook
  • Nutrition related talks to businesses and to local communities
  • Nutrition consultancy for restaurants and recipe analysis
  • Cooking demonstrations and workshops

Check out our blog posts and FODMAP book and then watch this space as we build resources and add products. Sign up above to get our hint and tip newsletters and updates on our progress and follow us on social media.

Jessica Andersson BSc mBANT CNHC

A passionate cook and busy mum Jessica has clinics in Central London. She is also ex-CEO of a ‘menu in a box’ delivery company and presents on nutrition all over the UK. She regularly sees clients struggling to cope with the day-to-day complexities of managing special diets for health needs  and uses her expertise in nutrition, cooking and recipe development to give them the support they need so they can still enjoy the pleasures of cooking and eating despite any restrictions.

Caroline Skirrow BSc mBANT CNHC

Caroline has a clinic in North London with over 10 years’ experience of helping clients manage a wide variety of health issues including cardiovasular health, gut issues and hormonal issues. She gives talks on nutrition and has been widely featured in the media. Cooking since the age of five, she understands how to make ‘nutritious’ also ‘delicious’. Originally from a business background she specialises in helping people to make simple, effective changes that realistically fit into their busy modern lives.

Simply FODMAP! Our New eBook Out Now!

The easy-to-follow low FODMAP recipe book and guide for those with IBS

About the low-FODMAP diet

The low-FODMAP diet is now being widely recommended by health professionals for IBS and other digestive disorders (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and Coeliac disease). The challenge is that there is a little practical support on to help those following the diet, especially if they are trying to manage this while cooking for others.

After years of helping IBS sufferers in our clinics, we could see the need for a more practical, one-stop guide, to take some of the pain out of following this restrictive diet. That’s why wrote Simply FODMAP!

About Simply FODMAP!

Simply FODMAP! is a one-stop, easy to-follow guide for anyone following a low-FODMAP diet with over 55 simple and delicious recipes that everyone can enjoy. It’s more than just a recipe book – Simply FODMAP! is packed with useful resources to guide you through the diet including low-FODMAP food tables and food challenge guides, sample meal plans and shopping lists, specialist suppliers and where to go for additional support.

Take a look at some example recipes below…

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