A hearty and warming soup that everyone can enjoy.

Serves 4

400g courgettes roughly chopped
1 carrot peeled and chopped in to small cubes
1 medium potato peeled and chopped in to small cubes
700ml of water
2 tbsp chopped mint
2 tbsp crème fraîche (optional) e.g. Arla lactose-free
2 tbsp parmesan cheese grated
2 slices of gluten-free bread
3 tbsp olive oil


1. In a large saucepan heat 2 tbsp of olive oil. Add the carrot and potato and fry for about 5 minutes.
2. Add the courgette and fry for a further 3 minutes. Add the water and mint. Season to taste bring to the boil and simmer with the lid on for 20 minutes then blend until smooth.
3. While the soup is simmering make the croutons. Cut the bread in to small cubes. Fry in olive oil until nicely browned and crunchy. Season with a pinch of salt.
4. Stir the parmesan cheese and crème fraîche in to the soup and serve with the croutons and garnish with some chopped mint.