Eat with confidence knowing that your diet has been tailored specifically to you!

Why have a personalised menu plan?

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Menu Mentors Personalised Meal Planning Service

Our bespoke, nutritionally balanced meal plans are individually tailored to suit your taste and dietary requirements. We offer include gluten-free, lactose-free, low carbohydrate, low GI, cardiovascular health, hormone balancing and gut health. Let us know your requirements and we will design the plan according to your preferences.

Your personalised plan will include:

  • A two-week meal plan with recipes which include breakfasts, snacks and main meals
  • A shopping list
  • Resources on where to buy certain foods
  • General healthy eating guidance

How it works

Step 1 – You place an order by following the order link
Step 2 – We send you a questionnaire on your food preferences, health goals and dietary needs.
Step 3 – You complete the questionnaire and return it to
Step 4 – We will send you your personalised meal plan, recipes, shopping lists and other resources within 10 working days.

What you get – see some sample pages below….