When the Daily Mail asked me to contribute to this article I was surprised at how many products I actually don’t have in my house for various reasons. If they were looking for the obvious ones the list would have been coke, donuts, hydrogenated oils, colourings, etc, but they wanted to feature the surprises.

I’m very pleased to see that all the commentators featured, myself included, are properly qualified nutritionists (rather than ‘celeb’ wanna be unqualified food nuts), who have all given the scientific background on their food avoidances.

And yes I agree, processed oils, unfermented soy products, heavily-processed gluten free products, etc. should all be off the list mainly due to processing methods (the untampered ‘original’ foods would be fine) and this is the same reason I chose decaff products. We need to be going less processed, not more, and our body’s will thank us for reducing the load of ‘foreign’ and ‘toxic’ molecules that they are not designed to handle.

My rule of thumb, avoid the big nasties (refined, high sugar, hydrogenated oils, burnt food, artificial additive, etc.) and try to limit other processed products where the processing is chemically based (but not to the point of obsession, its not good for the soul)…. and it seems my esteemed colleagues would agree as their avoidances mostly conform to this sentiment.

Be sensible, be moderate, be healthy.